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work work work

first week of summer work almost done. not too bad. work at the office is pretty simple. the other girl doing what i do is switching jobs to do something for her major and that's going to leave me the sole person in my position. they asked if i wanted to come in earlier for some extra work. i said yes eventhough i'm pretty content not having to go to work till 1. now it's gonna be much earlier, but only three days a week. more moneys i guess. so the movie The Office....absolutely true. i can totally pick out characters in this place and it's hilarious. the redbarn is pretty sweet. i work the desk taking money for people coming to climb. rock climbers are chill people. i gots to take some pictures.

going to the public market this weekend again. it's this HUGE farmer's market with lots of good stuff. it's all about the breakfast empanadas and the coffee lady.

shh don't tell


guess what

coming to a close

so it's the end of spring quarter. finals week is tomorrow. i only have one more final though and it's a meeting with my photo teacher to discuss my grade so it's not a big deal in terms of printing things, because i have everything already. niice. first time ever not stressed and burned out at the end of a quarter.

my roommate is moving her stuff out. the apartment looks so weird without the sweet couch. i spray painted a tv white for a photo and it's now where the old tv used to be. too bad it doesn't work.


please ignore the parts where it got scratched bring it back from the studio.

so i'm staying in rochester this summer. working two jobs and taking a class in july. one job is in one of the financial offices on campus and other is at this rock climbing barn which is hella sweet. gonna get awesome at rock climbing. forearms of steel.

still hunting for a roomie for next year.

miss home.


sooo many words. i'm trying to learn italian now. i thought i was done with vocab in high school, now let's throw a cappucino and vespa into the mix. the sis is now in england for the week. she's off with her drama class or something from school. supposedly it snowed today. oh i'm so grateful for 50 degrees and sunny..

things are still sweet with the boo. gonna be roomies this summer. wooo cheaper rent.

i applied for an internship with Adobe that i didn't get. it would have been nice though. good pay, work from home. someone else did better on the bit of test to work on they sent out to the applicants. well maybe i'll work in an office on campus and in the barnes and noble they are building just off campus. that would be sweet. I WANT TO GET A BARTENDING LISCENCE. why so much money for classes??

so my roommate is moving out. yet another one. i love this girl but it sucks. i hate having to keep finding someone. i've been quite lucky with the ones i have, but this time i'd like to actually know the person first. i have an awesome friend who would be perfect, it's just her guy friend that she is supposed to be moving in with is guilt tripping her for thinking about moving in with me. bahhhhh. not cool. so yes i'm technically stealing her from him but hey, when i can produce a list a year long of reasons why it would be better for everyone in the situation for her to live with me and bad to live with him, i fight till my voice is heard. he's just being whiny...

i have the wonderful ability to be unaffected by the whine. the puppy dog look. the sad eyes. the hurt front. don't pull that shit on me now.

i've been so lazy lately with photo recently. just not into the projects i'm being given. they seem to get in the way most of the time. i need to not be lazy. just do ittttt. all i really want to do right now is my white on white personal project. random objects. white spray paint. white seamless. bam...

oh the spray booth here is killer. i'm gonna get sweet at graffiti this summer. or stenciling. either way. it'll happen

oh unpacking

back in rochacha. was pretty much a bum this break and hung out with the fam. lauren should be up here soon for a bit of awesome fun time. gotta show the girl the ropes. on the flight up here i from detroit i ended up sitting next to this guy who goes to my school who is ukrainian yet lives in tokyo. whaa? he was supa cute too. maybe this one won't be just a single serving friend haha.

i finished the scarf for jake in hawaii! finally finished something jeeze. next is a hat for my friend tito. i'm pretty confident that this one will get finished too. i need to start selling stuff.

so it's back to school. oi

Dec. 10th, 2007

i'm working out now, like legitimately going at least 3 times a week. it's so satisfying to be inside and warm while watching people outside with a million layers on walking in the wind and snow.


currently waiting for paste to dry

one box of little 3x5 bits of colored paper....$43 please. oi

ok granted they are all correct hues and tints and shades and all the colors of the correct color wheel but gahhhh.

one box of little 3x5 bits of colored paper...can i get a bag too so i can suffocate myself.

be my otter

week 10 = no sleep

aye aye aye. i wish things worked out as smoothly as i see them in my head. all my photos would be shot. film processed and exposed correctly. equipment turned in on time. everything scanned and/or post processed and printed. all by sunday. i hope. we'll see.

tested for rank in aikido today. now an official orange belt!

two weeks till i go home. so excited. can't wait to see people. everyone is getting jumped so beware
anyone seen a silent orange beanie lying around? if so, tell it to come home..